About us

Our company

WINE NOT ITALY ® is a wine shop that puts technology at the service of tradition, the reference point for the sale of wines of high quality. WINE NOT ITALY ® works directly with manufacturers, nullifying any brokerage, for the benefit of a lower price and discounted at market swings. WINE NOT ITALY ® offers its customers the possibility to live the same experience of buying a wine shop offline, with all the advantages of the physical world combined with the flexibility of the instrument technology: the consumer is driven by a virtual sommelier in selecting the product but can also make their own in search of the ideal product starting from the selection of a multitude of technical or organoleptic parameters. The direct relationship between WINE NOT ITALY ® and the manufacturer also allows almost immediate time-to-market and product information up to date and complete. WINE NOT ITALY ® also helps small producers of excellence to raise awareness and promote their products resulting in an offer of articles in variety and features is that is hard to find in other wine shops online.

Business model

WINE NOT ITALY ® is an online wine shop that bases its business model in the resale of food and wine articles and directly manages its logistics and stimulates their customer base through direct marketing campaigns, advanced product search.


Alessandra D'Onofrio

Founder & Ceo