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WINE NOT ITALY ® is a wine shop that puts technology at the service of tradition, the reference point for the sale of wines of high quality. WINE NOT ITALY ® works directly with manufacturers, nullifying any brokerage, for the benefit of a lower price and discounted at market swings. WINE NOT ITALY ® offers its customers the possibility to live the same experience of buying a wine shop offline, with all the advantages of the physical world combined with the flexibility of the instrument technology.
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About chefs The Basics to Food and Wine Pairing

Meat: Usually a full-bodied red such as a Shiraz or Cabernet works well, with chicken the White wine is the usual pick. For grilled or roast chicken, try a Chardonnay.  Fish: When it comes to wine pairing, it isn’t the fish that matters; it’s the preparation of the fish. Seafood does not always have to be paired with white wine. Actually, some fish and shellfish dishes go quite well with varietals such as Pinot Noir and Merlot. Spicy: Choose Riesling and sweet Gewürztraminer if your meal is spicy

Business ModelAlessandra D'Onofrio - Founder & Ceo

Wine not Italy Ltd was born in the end of 2015. The idea was to highlight many award-winning Italian wines, not very well known in United Kingdom, so I decided to open the doors to London and to promote these exceptional wines at a competitive price and here is the first e-commerce where every your choice is excellent and guaranteed.
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